Live-In-Care Services at Home Health Solutions Group

Live-In Care Services at Home Health Solutions Group

While caring for your loved one at home, you still need to sleep, go to work and maintain your other life responsibilities. When your loved one requires 24-hour care and supervision all day and all night, you need a home care service you can rely on to help you and respond promptly.

You may want to help your aging loved ones stay in their own home, but you cannot arrange your life to live with them. Overnight care can be tough when you are managing two households. Even under the best circumstances, providing overnight care every night can be a strain.

Home Health Solutions Group can help you with overnight care services. We offer overnight care, 24-hour home care and live-in elderly care to the families from Aventura to the upper Florida Keys.

Live-in Vs. 24-Hour Care Services

Live-in care services are usually provided by one person who lives in the house and takes care of all the necessary duties for an elderly person. Seniors often reach a point where they need help with most of their daily tasks. It then becomes practical to have one person there all the time.

On occasion, the person providing live-in care needs time off. Sometimes this can be scheduled between duties. At other times, another person needs to come in temporarily to offer respite care. 24-hour care services cover all of the same services as live-in care, but it involves several different caregivers. Home Health Aides (HHA’s) are scheduled to work back-to-back shifts, so there is always someone in the home with your loved one. Your loved one has the assistance of a caregiver at all times even during the night.

Both live-in and 24-hour care services can be extremely helpful in caring for a loved one at home. The particular situation dictates which arrangement is more beneficial. Home Health Solutions Group provides all types of in-home personal care services to assist you in caring for an aging loved one.

Live-in Caregiver in Southern Florida

At Home Health Solutions Group, we work with our clients to determine what services they need and how we can best provide them. For clients who require live-in care, we match them with one of our professionals who has the skills needed to perform the tasks required. It’s also important to us, and our clients, to try to match the personalities of our caregivers and clients, since they will be spending a lot of time together.

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Personal Service

Patient Care Liaison personnel are willing to meet with clients or their representatives in the comfort of their homes or institution.

Wide Range of Caregivers

We have a large pool of well trained, experienced caregivers who are ready to provide exceptional home health care services.


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